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This broken day will come and go, broken and battered with nothing to show

Could this be the better part of my life, something to hold on to white knuckle

Grown so tired of living this life
25 May
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Amanda and I's challenge (Day 3)

This broken day will come and go
Broken and battered with nothing to show
Could this be the better part of my life
Something to hold on to white knuckle tight

I wait for something
You gave me nothing
I wait for something real
Something real

In the air I hear the sound of your voice
Too many questions with no clear choice
On my mind are the clouds in your sky
Will they rain down on you the day that I shine

I'd get down on my knees
With open wrists begging please
Oh won't you be my angel of sweet nothing
All that was said about the feelings I've bled
I want to disappear
My peddled flower my finest hour I've
Grown so tired of living this life

--SOiL*Something Real--

What's wrong with me?
-I'm a cutter
-I'm anorexic/buliumic
-I'm bi-polar
-I have depression
-I've attempted suicide 27 times. (pills, slit wrist, choking, and drowning)
-I'm nothing.

Please forgive me, for I have sinned.

Dead to the World

I smile so the questions will go away and the people will stop worrying

Freddys coming for you
Better lock your doors
Grab a crucifix
It's too late
Gonna kill again

I want to disappear

Hate, is that all that’s left to feel?
Pain, when I’m stripped, nothing else is real.
Love, the soul, a shard I won’t regret.
Lust, pleasure, the addict lives for this.

These religion pills make everybody ill and high enough to kill.

Bitter Sweet Nothing

Pain, Agony, Regret, Fear

Love Me Like No Other

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